Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Southern Charm at the Farm

This past Saturday I took my oldest daughter on a "mommy and me date". We hopped in the car and ventured down to Tanglewood Park for Southern Charm at the Farm. It was an outdoor market with over 200 artisan trunk shops featuring vintage, handcrafted and re-purposed items. 

 Talk about creative home decor heaven! We found so many amazing unique finds. Aviyah had so much fun and I love watching her creativity grow, this girl seriously has a gift when it comes to finding and paring decor together.

 They also had food trucks on site offering an array of southern goodies. We snagged some old fashion kettle corn and cheeseburger chili ranch french fries :) when in Rome right? More like when your down here in the south. It felt like it was 90 degrees outside (our northern blood is still getting use to this southern weather) and of course there was a lot of people but we honestly HAD A BLAST :)
Whether you are looking for a girlfriends day or a family outing, Southern Charm at the farm wouldn't disappointed! I would highly recommend checking out their next event this fall. You can follow their Facebook page for all their details.

Hope you all are having a great week! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Myrtle Beach Getaway

There is nothing quite like a spur of the moment getaway that can jolt excitement into your life. But when you attempt this with two toddlers under 3 & a half, you might just be crazy :) My adventurous hubby suggested that we find somewhere on the beach over Easter weekend and have some much needed soul refreshing at the ocean. I don't know about you, but whenever we get a chance to be by the ocean we jump on it. It is amazing how the beauty and power of the sun, sand and surf all collide and order out  your priorities "oh so well"  all while filling your heart with gratitude and love for Gods creation like it was the very first time.

We ended up booking two nights on Myrtle Beach a day later we hopped in the car and made the 4 hour road trip down south. The ride was amazing!!! North Carolina you seriously are beautiful. Spring time here literally bursts with every imaginable hue of green. While wild flowers and plants spring up so fast yet gracefully, it makes you want to snag them up and decorate every square inch of your house with flowers, or at least it makes me want to :) 

We stopped by Savannah Playground enabling park. I have to say IT IS A MUST if you are planning a visit to the Myrtle Beach area with children under 12! My kids were so sad to leave. They had so many awesome modern slides, mist machines, huge swings that were on tracks making them literally like amusement park rides! The ground was synthetic turf, which makes running around a play ground ten times more enjoyable.

Once it was time to check into our hotel we threw our bags into our room and booked it right to the beach.

We ended up having a pretty laid back time. We would wake up, make our 18 cups of coffee :) and head out to the beach each morning, this had to be my favorite time each day. I love seeing my girls take in all the excitement of the sand & water. Daddy helped make approximately 10,000 sand castles and zero survived two little girls and their new found love of knocking them all down :) 

But the best part was making unforgettable family memories (like the one pictured below) 

p.s. the ladies matching sweatshirts are from Childhoods Clothing and are THE BEST sweatshirts I have found. (this is not an advertisement for them, we just love their quality items)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Horne Creek Farm

A few weeks ago my two toddlers and I packed a picnic lunch and headed up to Pinnacle NC. We visited the historic Horne Creek Farm. Between the breath-taking views, as you make your ascent up to the farm and the beautiful landscape full of rustic farms, tranquil grazing horses and tobacco barns, its easy to see why we will remember this adventure for a while!

As we came closer to the farm the views became unbelievable. I stopped off the road 4 different times to stop and take in the sights! You can see Pilot Mountain off in the near distance making this drive its self worth the trip!

Once we arrived at the farm we made our way into the large visitors center. The center is divided into two sections. One side had many local goods for sale like pickled veggies, honey, canned fruit and candy as well as "old fashion" children toys and trinkets. On the other side of the center we found a living history museum full of real artifacts, photos, clothing and furniture all found in and around the original farm.
The staff warmly welcomed us and gave us a brief understanding into the farm and Hauser family. 
Our "tour guide" personally took an hour out of her day to walk us around the farm. She explain daily life as the Hauser family knew it to be back in the turn of the century. The house and barns had been restored back to the original era, it was literally like walking back to 1898 as soon as you set foot on the property. 

I appreciated the passion and hospitality of the staff at Horne Creek. They literally made the experience so special!

After touring the farm house, exploring the animal barns and asking a thousand questions to our guide we made our way back up to the visitors center where we ate our picnic lunch outside. I loved seeing my children venture around the farm. I am a firm believer in kids being kids, so getting them out and encouraging exploration of creation is so healthy for their little souls!

If your local to the Piedmont area or even live further out this beautiful living piece of history is well worth your time. They offer many weekend activities as well as special seasonal events and hands on festivals for the whole family. Admission is free and donations are appreciated. You can find more information on their website or on their Facebook page!